Top-20: fashionable wallpaper for a unique kitchen interior

Top-20: fashionable wallpaper for a unique kitchen interior

Tired of the faceless walls of the kitchen? Choose for them a stylish outfit. Choosing fashionable wallpaper for the kitchen, you can very “tasty” to shade the beauty of furniture, correct not very good geometry of the room, create a certain atmosphere in the room and transform the interior beyond recognition. From the huge variety of materials, ornaments and color solutions of modern wallpaper, everyone will certainly be able to choose something to his liking and liking.

Each designer seeks to make any kitchen an individual

Creating a bright individuality of the kitchen – the main task of the designer

Luxury Patterns

Designers actively create wallpaper collections that invite us to a fabulous journey into the world of amazing patterns and luxurious ornaments that are timeless. Admiring the walls, we seem to read a book with stunning illustrations, on each page discovering something new and fascinating – strange flowers, magical peacocks, lacy outfits from a grandmother’s trunk, treasures, wicker baskets, rose-stained pergolas and prints of old stamps. Soft and gentle pastel shades are combined with contrasting bright accents. Emotional motives and color solutions bring home an atmosphere of cordiality and warmth that never goes out of fashion.

Amazing combination of light wallpaper and bright sunlight make this interior unique and fresh

Soft and gentle pastel shades are combined with contrasting bright accents, creating an atmosphere of spring freshness

Collagen printing

Collagen is an innovative printing technique that combines the shades of silver, gold and copper for the first time on a single canvas. Allows you to create an elite wallpaper with a handmade effect.

Ecowallpaper offers high-quality stylish wallpaper for the kitchen of pleasant pastel colors

Wallpaper for the kitchen of the Ecowallpaper factory emphasize the individuality of the interior due to its refinement and refinement

Wall-mounted creative

Bright, catchy, trendy stories and patterns immediately attract the eye. Ideal for finishing the accent wall in the kitchen! The leading wallpaper manufacturers are ready to provide your interior with a bright personality with the help of exclusive personalized extra-decorative collections.

In the monochrome interior, original wallpaper plays the role of an accent

Original wallpaper for finishing the accent wall in the achromatic interior of the kitchen emphasizes her personality

African motifs

To create a unique interior kitchen boldly send to the walls “all that is in Africa” ​​- zebras, hippos, tigers, giraffes, crocodiles and snakes, antelope and leopard skins! Perfect quality imitation of noble textures from the African savannah will be your key to success!

For decoration of walls you can use original

Feel free to send to the walls “all that is in Africa” ​​- zebras, hippos, tigers, giraffes, crocodiles and snakes, skins of antelope and leopard!

Large Picture

The big picture is back in trend! The walls of the kitchen are no longer decoration! In modern interior design, they are increasingly attracting no less attention than furniture and accessories. The assurance of quality and durability is provided by the latest coatings, and the trendy onions are given contrasting colors. Virtuosly selected components – the shortest path to a chic interior.

Today, designers are successfully using the kitchen walls for the decoration of the room

The walls of the kitchen are no longer decoration! In modern interior design, they are increasingly attracting no less attention than furniture and accessories

Under hypnosis

Whether it was a fantasy, or a reality … Something painfully familiar and at the same time not quite the usual … Classic patterns (stripes, squares, ovals, curls, damascus, acanthus) appear in a new perspective : they are as if printed out from the screens of media gadgets. Innovative paint application technologies allow you to experiment with “made” designer colors that are not found in nature.

Kitchen wallpaper can look like the

The wallpaper from the collection “Hypnose” of the Loymina factory does not look like traditional wallpaper for the kitchen, so they are attractive

Glamor shine

What is closer to you: palace luxury, bohemian chic, emphasized elegance or eclectic personality with a piquant eccentricity? Classic kitchens and exquisite ornaments with spectacular gilding or silver will help to create a fashionable and rich look for the interior of the kitchen.

The Ecowallpaper factory produces bright, monophonic glossy wallpapers that fit well into any interior design

Bright glossy wallpaper for the kitchen from the collection “Metallic11” from the Ecowallpaper factory will be a suitable background for any interior

Travel in space and time

The stone façades, ivy-tiled facades, windows with weightless openwork balconies, pergolas and colored canopies – and now you are not in your kitchen, but in a cozy Parisian cafe located on the ancient boulevard. A great option for the interior of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style – the image of a flowering street under the boundless blue Italian sky.

One of the walls of the kitchen can be decorated with wallpaper wallpaper, which can completely transform the room

And now you are no longer in your kitchen, but in a completely different space and time thanks to the story wallpaper on one of the walls

Spatial spatial “deceptions”

You just want to, and in a simple drawing on the walls you will hear the rustle of the leaves, feel the inner movement of the crown of trees, feel the disturbing roughness of the openwork cloth, see the brilliance and cold perfection of the crystals, and perhaps even the importunate flutter of the wings of river moths.

Wallpapers with a visual effect can visually expand the room

Wallpaper-blendes for visual transformation of space look good on the wall of a spacious kitchen

Hyperbolized Romance

The hyperbolized romantic style appears before us in a bold and audacious appearance: large roses, motley lacy patterns, purple-black paisley ornaments. And designers from the Dutch company Eijffinger offer us to go to Paris, in the heart of Montmartre, to walk among street artists in the Place du Tertre. Magic spring Paris in bloom was the inspiration for creating an elegant collection of wallpapers “Kiss Madame Pita.”

Floral themes are still popular with wallpaper manufacturers

Magic spring Paris in bloom was the inspiration for creating an elegant collection of wallpapers “Kiss Madame Pita” factory Eijffinger

Effective monochrome

Fashionable decoration of the walls does not necessarily have to be full of catchy patterns and ornaments. No less stylish look and monophonic wallpaper, especially with piquant invoices “zest”. Special paint application technologies give the surface relief and roughness, allowing it to perceive it in different ways at every glance or touch. Trend monochrome wallpaper for the kitchen reminds so popular in the era of art deco finishing materials from the skin of the stingray or shark.

Uniform light wallpapers benefit from an unusual texture

Monochrome wallpapers from the collection “IMPRESS” of the Loymina factory can not boast of an exquisite color scheme, but their texture and pleasant shades of colors are beyond praise

Sensual simplicity

A clear texture of the wallpaper, straightforwardness, simplicity of execution, coupled with the variety of color tones of wildlife, looks very natural, bringing a sense of peace and comfort to the house. A nice calm coloring harmonizes the space, helping to relax and restore balance. A glossy glossy wallpaper adds glitter and metal accents to the wallpaper, which are so soft that they do not at all distort the sensual simplicity.

Kitchen wallpapers from the collection

Discreet lines on the wallpaper of the collection “IMPRESS” of the Loymina factory perform a decorative function, without distracting attention from the rest of the situation

Graphic drawing

The graphics wallpaper will help create a dynamic creative environment in the kitchen that will energize you and your guests every day with energy and inspiration. Taking their origin in the manuals on quantum mechanics and in the sketches of modern architecture, the oscillating and swift lines exert an exciting effect, create optical effects, visually changing the dimensions of the room.

In a bright kitchen, wallpaper with a graphic pattern serves as a decorative accent

The graphics wallpaper will help create a dynamic creative environment in the kitchen, which will daily feed you and your guests with energy and inspiration

Natural motifs

Textures and plots, noticed and borrowed from living nature, help a person to be in harmony with people, with the world around him and with himself. Realistic images of flora and fauna in the studio of artistic processing are very freely and organically integrated into almost all modern styles.

For the design of these wallpapers, the macro effect was chosen, which today is popular with designers

Wallpapers Evergreen Highway from the factory Mr Perswall successfully use the decorative features of macro photography


The human need for self-expression, including in the visual, is as old as the world. The desire to share their feelings and thoughts managed to take root in us at the level of DNA. The methods and methods of visual self-expression are continuously changing throughout history. In the fine arts, new styles are emerging, and exclusive collections of designer wallpapers invite us to an experimental journey from mysterious rock paintings to classic Renaissance masterpieces and to modern street graffiti.

Using unusual stories turns the kitchen into a fun and unusual place

Creative self-expression allows you to give the interior a unique immediacy and originality

Outrageous pop art

The style of pop art that captured America and then the “old woman” in Europe in the fifties and sixties is mostly associated with the portraits of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol and the duplicated images of the branded cans of Coca-Cola. Today, pop art is experiencing a second wave of popularity, which could not but find a response in the design of wallpaper. Photo wallpapers for the kitchen in the spirit of pop art inevitably attract attention with bright unexpected outrageous techniques.

The unique atmosphere of the 60s will be revived in the kitchen, decorated with an outrageous pop art

Outrageous pop art on the walls of the kitchen is able to recreate the vintage atmosphere of the 60’s

Flower motifs

Romantic floral patterns with the appropriate background texture create beautiful unusual combinations. Individual inflorescences, a scattering of petals and whole bouquets, fantasy and recognizable coronets allow creating a delicate atmosphere in the kitchen with a flair of romance and naivety. And let the seasons of the year change, and in your house there will always be summer in all the splendor of the flowering meadows.

The situation of this kitchen, located on the background of floral wallpaper, looks respectable

Wallpapers with a floral pattern “Celia” look stylish and elegant, creating a suitable background for furniture

Natural invoices

To give the interior of the kitchen the uniqueness of nature, natural textures – sezal, bamboo, rattan, tree bark used in the production of modern wallpapers – are capable of making the interior of the kitchen unique. A perfect solution for eco-design supporters. How pleasant it is to sit in silence after a day’s work “in the nature”! Natural wallpaper look unusual and stylish, create a cozy home and give a unique feeling of unity with nature. Collections of wallpaper using natural materials embody two main ideas – the idea of ​​environmental friendliness and natural beauty.

The effectiveness of natural bamboo wallpapers is appreciated by designers

Natural bamboo wallpapers look unusual and stylish, create a cozy home and give a unique feeling of unity with nature

Vintage and avant-garde

Bright wallpaper with a large catchy vintage or avant-garde pattern is a powerful element of decor, capable of even the most simple space to transform into a trendy and stylish interior.

Designers Ecowallpaper are betting on the original drawing, soft colors and a nice wallpaper texture

Kitchen wallpapers from the collection “Retro” from the Ecowallpaper factory are characterized by an unusual design and nice texture

Digital panel

Breathe new life into your kitchen, creating a beautiful and inspirational interior with a spectacular digital panel in the form of photos of skyscrapers, or light winged fluttering moths, or letters cut from the newspaper, as well as fantasy drawings in the form of gold, silver, bronze and mirror colors and trees. Give your kitchen a bright personality!

In the modern kitchen, the combination of wallpaper Ecowallpaper creates an attractive background for the rest of the furnishings

The wall panel from the collection “Artist” of the Ecowallpaper factory blends harmoniously with the interior of the modern kitchen


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