Pros and cons of telescopic kitchen hoods for cleaning the air in the kitchen –

Pros and cons of telescopic kitchen hoods for cleaning the air in the kitchen

Pros and cons of telescopic kitchen hoods for cleaning the air in the kitchen

To get a hood that really works effectively and does not cause problems with its noise and low performance, you need to decide on the model that is most suitable for your kitchen, consider the possibilities of its installation and, having compared the information received with the required indicators, send it to buy. Since urban residents mostly have kitchens with a small area, this kind of household appliances should take up as little space as possible, but that does not affect the efficiency of its operation. The most suitable in such cases are telescopic hoods.

Compactness - one of the main characteristics of the kitchen hood

Kitchen telescopic hoods surprise with their compactness

Functional features of telescopic kitchen hoods

Such a model is very convenient when used not only in a limited space, but in the kitchen of any area, for cleaning air on which the unit with a capacity of up to 1000 cubic meters of air per hour is enough – this is the maximum volume provided by the manufacturers for such extraction. There are single-engine, twin-engine telescopic hoods, as well as devices equipped with a small turbine, they are the most effective. However, do not get too carried away with the power of this household appliance, the passport indicates the parameters of ventilated rooms and the recommended performance for these indicators. Do not neglect the advice of manufacturers.

What are the advantages of a telescopic hood for the kitchen? First, if you compare its dimensions with other samples of this technique, you can be sure of its compactness. Thanks to the panel, which on the guides smoothly leaves from its body, when necessary, and then also simply becomes in its original position, it absolutely does not interfere with the owners during their cooking. About the products that extend some distance beyond the front line of the lockers of the upper level of the kitchen, you can constantly hit your head, which no one can like. Telescopic hoods just exclude such contacts.

Ergonomic design

The technical characteristics of telescopic hoods indicate the right choice

Ergonomic design is more suitable for modern styles, but the technical characteristics of such extracts are too seductive, so they are found in classical interiors

Also has a distinctive feature of its concise design. Almost the entire body of telescopic hood is hidden inside the hinged module, only a narrow strip of the panel remains visible, which, being pulled out, includes engines and illumination. The power adjustment keys can be located either behind the panel or on it. Usually such products are produced in light gray, beige, brown and white colors, stainless steel models are very popular because they suit their appearance to the sink and hob embedded in the countertop. Hoods have a width of 500 and 600 mm, they work to blow out dirty air outside the premises. For this, they are equipped with a plastic adapter and two holes located in the vertical and horizontal planes.


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