Modern interior design options for the kitchen in the apartment and private house

Modern interior design options for the kitchen in the apartment and private house

The design of the kitchen often takes longer than any other room in the house. There are many reasons for this, but in order not to be mistaken in the choice and make not only convenient, but also beautiful, let us consider the options for interior design of kitchen premises, which are at the peak of popularity in 2017.

How to style the kitchen

Any stylistic design of the room always takes into account several main points:

  1. Regardless of the design chosen, it must correspond to the purpose. The kitchen is a special room where all the members of the family gather in which they prepare food, store food, dishes and other kitchen utensils. If you knowingly make a mistake, it will become something not uncomfortable, but also ugly.
  2. It should be in harmony with the rest of the house. Sometimes it looks ridiculously kitchen in the oriental style, turning into a vintage living room.
  3. To decorate a dining room is better in accordance with its features, but more about this in the following sections.


The finishing of walls in such a room requires certain conditions:

  1. Moisture resistance. The room for cooking is the most humid room after the bathroom and toilet. Steam, heat and regular washing of walls from grease and other natural contaminants will render unfit for any cover not intended for this.
  2. Finishing material should be resistant to chemicals, because the walls are often washed with their help.
  • Tile

Of course, one of the best is and still is the tile. This covering of walls in the dining room will not replace any material. In 2017, ceramics remains in fashion. Conventional ceramic tiles of high quality are both waterproof and impact resistant. Color and variations in ceramics are extensive. You can use a variety of color tiles.

Decoration apron tiles
Tile in kitchen design
Porcelain for kitchen apron
Tile with curb in the kitchen
Two-tone tiles in the kitchen
Kitchen Tile Finishing
Tile with a picture for an apron
Beige tiles in the kitchen
Finishing the kitchen with ceramic granite

In the countryside the tile under the tree looks great. Such “wooden panels” are not afraid of water or steam, but look very natural.

Tile for wood in the kitchen
Wood tile finish
Tile decoration for a tree
Gray tiles for wood
Wall decoration with tiles for wood
Tile for wood in the work area

In connection with the widespread use of classic and vintage designs in recent years, ceramic manufacturers have presented the “fabric” tile. This is an unusual and very fashionable kind of ceramics. Imitation of tapestries looks very natural.

Tile under the fabric
Imitation fabric in the design of the kitchen
Cloth tiles in the kitchen
Light kitchen with a tile under the fabric
Working area in the tile under the fabric
Tile under the fabric for the kitchen
Kitchen design with a tile under the fabric
Tile under the fabric in the kitchen
Tile with imitation fabric

In the retro-style of the room perfectly fit the natural stone or its imitation. Clinker masonry of a special kind of ceramics will not only be convenient, but also a rich design of the dining room.

Tile under the stone for the apron
Stone tiles in the kitchen
Decorating the kitchen with a tile under the stone
Porcelain stoneware under the stone in the kitchen
Tile for brick
Tile with imitation of brick masonry
Tile under the stone in the design
Marble tiles
Brick wall tiles
  • Wallpaper

Many people think that the wallpaper in the kitchen can not be used, but this is fundamentally wrong. Do not use paper and low-quality wallpaper – they will quickly become unusable. Especially if the small room, and the table is in close proximity to the cooking area and stove. In the design of kitchens use non-woven or vinyl wallpaper with special impregnation for special stability.

Wallpaper in the decor of the kitchen wall
Wallpaper on the walls of the kitchen
Wall decoration of kitchen wallpaper
Floral wallpaper in the kitchen
Large pattern wallpaper
Mosaic wallpapers
Classic wallpaper in the kitchen
Wallpaper on the walls of the kitchen
Wallpaper in a cage for the kitchen

For wall covering of kitchen walls, there is one main requirement – resistance to moisture and the ability to wash off pollution without causing damage to the repair.

  • Plastering and painting

If the room is large enough, then you can cover some of the walls with Venetian plaster with a special coating. The main thing is not to do it in the work area.

Decorating the apron with Venetian stucco
Venetian woman in kitchen design
Venetian woman in the kitchen decoration
Wall decoration by Venetian
Venetian plaster on the walls of the kitchen
Pink Venetian in the kitchen

Painted walls – not so “yesterday”, as many may seem. Increasingly, there is complete or partial coloring of the premises. For kitchen surfaces use a special paint, which is washed and does not burn under the ultraviolet.

Yellow paint on kitchen walls
Blue wall in the kitchen
The walls of the kitchen are green
Paint on the walls of the kitchen
Finishing the walls of the kitchen with paint
Painting kitchen walls


Modern high-quality finish of the ceiling can have several options.

  • Suspended

A convenient and durable way to close the ceilings in the rooms – to make hinged. Kitchen – not an exception. A variety of models will satisfy any tastes.

Ceiling light in the kitchen
Suspended kitchen ceiling
Plasterboard ceiling
Multi-level kitchen ceiling
Illumination of the working area
Decorative kitchen ceiling
Designer ceiling of the kitchen
Kitchen with false ceiling
Suspended ceiling from plasterboard
  • Stretch

Since the appearance of these types of ceilings, they have been used throughout the house. In the dining room you need to remember the fatty evaporation and soot. If you do not have a good quality hood, then you need to consider that your beautiful and expensive ceiling after a while can become covered with an unpleasant dirty layer. In a fully equipped room, such ceilings are just a find – nice and comfortable.

Glossy Kitchen Ceiling
Black stretch ceiling
Stretch ceiling with light
Red stretch ceiling
Gray stretch ceiling
White stretch ceiling
Kitchen with combined ceiling
Green stretch ceiling
Kitchen with stretch ceiling

Economical, but quite suitable option for finishing the ceiling in the cooking area, can be ceiling tiles. To paste it does not require a lot of skills, and the quality and design of the material at a good level.

Tiled ceiling
Kitchen with tiled ceiling
Tile on the ceiling
Panels on the ceiling of the kitchen
Tiled ceiling
Plastic tiles on the ceiling
Panels of tiles on the ceiling
Finishing the kitchen ceiling tiles
Tiled sings on the ceiling of the kitchen

For some time in the list of materials for decorating the ceiling of the dining rooms has entered ceramic tiles. But this is a complex and very high-tech process. Do not try to do this yourself.

Porcelain on the ceiling
Ceramic tiles on the ceiling
Finishing the ceiling with ceramic granite


The use of porcelain tiles on the floor – the pleasure is not cheap. Nevertheless, porcelain stoneware remains in the trend due to its high strength. The floors of this material are longevous, easy to maintain and combine with different design findings.

Black tiles on the kitchen floor
Porcelain tiles on the floor
Glossy tiles on the floor
Marble tiles on the floor
Tile under a tree on the floor
Floor of tiles in the kitchen
Laying tiles on the kitchen floor
Tiled Kitchen Floor
Chess tiles on the kitchen floor

One of the best floor coverings in this part of the apartment is linoleum. It is well washed, it differs in a variety of colors and textures. Linoleum for the kitchen should be of high quality, as it is subjected to permanent destructive effects of water and soap. If you decide to lay an inexpensive synthetic linoleum, you should remember that it has a maximum service life of 8 years.

Linoleum for a tree
Kitchen with floor from lenoleum
Chess lenoleum sex
Lenoleum in the kitchen floor finishing
Kitchen with floor from lenoleum
Linoleum on the kitchen floor
Lenoleumny floor under a tree
Laying the leno floor
Kitchen with a floor of their lenoleum

Cork floors covered with a water repellent composition will be a good solution. They are soft, non-slip. Cork does not attract dust at all and looks stylish in any interior.

Cork in the finish of the floor
Cork flooring
Soft cork floor
Kitchen floor plug
Kitchen with cork
Kitchen with cork floor
Floor made of cork
Cork kitchen floor
Cork cover in the kitchen

Window and curtains

Window decoration should be thought out in accordance with the design and specificity of the room. If your kitchen has a large area and is divided into zones, then the design of the window opening can be any. But if it is medium or small, then it is better to use blinds. This kind of curtains is easy to clean, clean and looks great in different modern interiors.

Blinds on the window
Blinds on the kitchen window
Red vertical blinds
Horizontal blinds on the window
Brown Blinds
Blinds in classical kitchen
Triple window in the kitchen
White shutters in the kitchen
Milky Way Vertical Blinds

From fabric curtains, try to choose not heavy and sufficiently light fabrics, which are easy to wash. Usually it is viscose or natural linen or cotton. Heavy drapes are better not to drape, because caring for them is not so easy.

Curtains with curtains in the kitchen
Austrian curtains in the kitchen
Fabric curtains on the window
Curtains with Lambrequin
Blind in large flowers
White snow curtains in the kitchen
Curtains with pickings in the kitchen
Short curtains in the kitchen
Double curtains on the kitchen window

If the kitchen has a balcony, then the frame of the balcony window can also be entrusted with roll curtains or fabric curtains.

Discreet curtains in the kitchen
Gray curtains in the kitchen
White and orange curtains
Curtains of muslin
Striped curtains in the kitchen
Translucent curtains in the kitchen
Designer curtains in the kitchen
Tulle in the kitchen
One-side curtains in the kitchen

Kitchen apron

A kitchen apron is a place where contamination with fat and other effects of cooking is especially visible. It can be equipped with skins – color glass photo panels.

Bright apron in the kitchen
Apron with backlight
Urban drawing on apron
Apron in the color of the kitchen
Kitchen apron with cherries
Kitchen apron with a fresco
Nature on the apron of the kitchen
Fruit on apron in the kitchen
Abstraction on an apron

A win-win option is tile. If you lay out the working area with tiles of a different color, it will be visually separated from the rest of the kitchen space. Use a smooth quality ceramic – it is easier to wipe from splashes and stains.

Tile apron
Tile apron
Tiled kitchen apron
Tiles for masonry on an apron
Vegetables and fruits on the tile
Beige tiles in the kitchen
Beautiful tiled apron
Mosaic apron
Black glossy tiles

An economical option for finishing the cooking area is plastic panels or linoleum for walls.

Plastic apron
Apron made of plastic
Plastic under the tree in the kitchen
Glossy plastic panels
Panels for tiles for aprons
White plastic apron
Apron made of plastic panel
Red plastic apron
Glossy Bordeaux apron in the kitchen

Features of design: photo ideas

Small kitchen Khrushchev

In small-sized apartments, the kitchens are so small that it is difficult to decorate them according to your taste. If you are completely at a loss and do not know how to fit all that is needed in the 4 square. m, then you can expand the room at the expense of the neighboring.

Kitchen in Khrushchev
Bar counter in the Khrushchev kitchen
Design of a small kitchen
Furniture for a small kitchen
Corner kitchen of Khrushchev
Light small kitchen
The decor of a small kitchen
White small kitchen
Kitchen design in Khrushchev

This option is not suitable for everyone, and therefore will have to decorate the kitchen the way it is. First of all, remember the mandatory characteristics for all the finishes of a small room for cooking: moisture resistance, impact resistance, the possibility of frequent washing and the lack of reaction with fat. There should not be anything that can quickly fail: paper wallpaper, bleached walls, poor linoleum or ceramics, woven curtains, wooden coatings without appropriate impregnation. If you use wallpaper to expand the space, then they should be non-woven, if the apron – tile or skinned.

Lilac Kitchen
Kitchen without hanging cupboards
Corner orange kitchen
Small kitchen with large window
Narrow kitchen
Kitchen in brown tones
Red kitchen
Corner red kitchen
Kitchen in beige tones

What can not be done with the design of a small kitchen:

  • Use dark colors – they visually reduce the space;
  • To glue wallpaper or a tile of too bright or poisonous colors – from such a tiny room you want to quickly escape;
  • Apply very large or geometric drawings on wallpaper, tiles, curtains. These images can not be seen, and geometry, in addition, reduces the size of the room.
White kitchen
Ivory kitchen
Kitchen in white color
The decor of a small kitchen
Small Kitchen Work Area
Corner light kitchen
White kitchen with hanging shelves
Cream kitchen Khrushchev

Small rooms are better to decorate with natural tones, which give it more light and air

Kitchens in a private house

A feature of the kitchen in a private house can be the presence of a stove or an open beam ceiling. In this case, it is very difficult to apply high-tech style decor. The preferred options are retro style, country, provence or classic. You can decorate the room with bunches of flowers, herbs or onion braids. And from wood, impregnated with moisture-repellent compounds, execute benches or a table – this will give the interior a special chic.

Kitchen in a private house
The oven in the kitchen of a country house
Kitchen house design
Decorating a country house kitchen
Choosing a headset for a large kitchen
Wooden table in the kitchen
Rustic style kitchen
Country style kitchen
Beamed ceiling in the kitchen of a private house

In most modern houses, the kitchen is no different from the same room in a normal apartment. Just choose the interior and use the materials to your taste.

The floors in the private house are quite cold in the winter season, and therefore it is good to make them warm, then in December this kitchen room will become the most comfortable in the house, and the presence of the fireplace will make it even more cozy.

Furnishing of the kitchen with a fireplace
Fireplace in the kitchen
Kitchen with fireplace private house

Kitchen decor decor ideas

Studio apartments are becoming more common nowadays. They are divided into:

  • One-room studios, when there is no partition between the kitchen and the room. In the room everything is combined, and the bedroom, as such, is completely absent.
Kitchen Design Studio
Interior of a studio
Laconic kitchen in the studio

2-3 room apartments, in which the partition between the kitchen and the living room is broken. It is very convenient in small apartments.

Interior of the united studio apartment
Studio apartment in 2 room Khrushchev
Design studio in kopeck piece

The specifics of design of such a premise is that here the flight of fantasy is not limited by anything. You can use any style and any kind of zoning space.

Studio interior in white color
Zoning apartment studio
Sleeper in the studio

Here you can install a bar counter or a long table with a large number of chairs. Arrange the chandeliers in loft style or put a large kitchen set.

Bar counter in zoning studio apartments
Bar counter in studio apartment
Kitchen studio interior with bar counter

Widescreen wallpaper in the dining area can be glued only in a large room, and the studio is suitable for this great.

Urban wallpaper in kitchen studio
Floral wallpaper in kitchen
Photo wallpapers in the zoning of the kitchen

Kitchen design combined with balcony

Be sure to keep in mind that you can not do this illegal redevelopment. It threatens with big fines and a prescription to return everything in its place. But if the combination is legalized, and you have such a fine kitchen, then you can plan interesting design solutions. The most popular is the use of a balcony or loggia area as a dining area.

Moving the dining area to the attached balcony
Kitchen with dining area on the balcony
Dining area in the attached balcony

On this space, you can make shelves to store blanks, groats or other products. Actually, the cabinets, refrigerator and other things are transferred to the balcony area, which spoils the beautiful interior.

Suspended shelves for food
Rack on the balcony for food
Box for storing vegetables

And you can just leave a huge window, removing all the partitions, then you increase the area at the expense of the balcony and get a very bright room.

Panoramic window in the kitchen
Panoramic glass kitchen
Kitchen with panoramic window

Beautiful decoration of the dining area

The dining area is a place where it’s nice to stay even after eating. I want to make it comfortable to the maximum.

Square table in the dining area
Dining area in classic style
Chairs with high backs

Everyone chooses a design to their liking. The combination of glass or laminated panels and facades with high-quality plastic furniture looks fashionable and stylish.

Glass dining room table kitchen
Oval table in the kitchen
Small table in the dining area

If you make a corner for eating soft, then it will be comfortable to read a book or drink coffee after a hearty dinner. Upholstery is better to choose from artificial or natural leather – it is better cleansed.

Soft corner in the kitchen
Soft sofas in the kitchen
Soft dining area

In a large room, put a large wooden dining table. He looks classically, unites a large family and friends.

Dining area in a classic kitchen
Dining area with a large table
Wooden table in the kitchen

In small rooms you have to use miniature furniture, but here the decoration can be attractive.

Round table in a small kitchen
Location of the table in a small kitchen
Design of a small dining area

Popular kitchen design options

In a modern style

Modern style of interiors assumes simplicity, clarity of lines and absence of superfluous details. This is the decor of minimalism. It is perfect for a given room in an apartment, and for any area.

Corner kitchen in minimalism style
Minimalism in kitchen design
Kitchen in minimalist design

The European design of modern rooms for cooking involves a minimum number of handles and unnecessary details on furniture, where the legs of the cabinets are made of durable plastic, metal or wood, and tables and chairs make an impression of an ideal simplicity.

Interior of the kitchen in the style of eurodesign
Eurodesign kitchen
Modern kitchen in the style of eurodesign

The latest fashion trends are high-tech – metal and glass. Manufacturers have produced ceramic tiles with the effect of metallic luster.

Ceramic tiles for metal
Pottery for metal for apron
Apron under the metal in the kitchen

3D images of water or abstractions on the wallpaper will give a sense of space and space emptiness. At the same time, the apron zone can be trimmed with glass or skinned with unusual patterns that give a visual extension of the table.

Bright wall-papers in the kitchen
3d wallpaper in the kitchen
Wallpaper with 3d abstraction for kitchen

In 2017 will be in the trend of coral, blue and metallic for the design of trendy kitchen rooms.

Coral-colored facade
Coloring of walls with coral color
Coral color in the interior of the kitchen


Classics will never go out of fashion. Soft lines of tables and chairs of the dining area, curtains made of cloth and a combination of warm colors of the interior will warm the whole family with comfort.

Classic Kitchen Decor
Kitchen in a classic style
Classical wooden kitchen

Photo wallpapers with reproductions of famous artists combined with flowing lines of a dining set are an excellent choice for all time. If possible, then cover the table with a cloth cloth. And the surface of the table top made of natural wood is preferably left open.

Photo wallpapers with reproduction in the dining area
Photo wallpapers in the dining area
Photo wallpapers with antique engraving

Large rooms can be decorated with fresh flowers, and the apron is decorated with glass panels with their image. In classical kitchen areas, use sets of natural wood, granite countertops or stone sinks.

Flower apron in the kitchen
Flowers on the facade of the kitchen
Flowers on the kitchen wall

Classic interiors mean everything to which we are so used, but in a stylish performance, and the sign of style has always been considered white. White kitchens are a classic.

Snow White Kitchen
Classical cuisine in white color
Kitchen with white facade

In the rustic style of Provence

This style is especially popular in European canteens and cooking areas, however, as in the entire dwelling house. He came to us from France and immediately won the hearts of designers.

Provencal Island Food
Kitchen design in Provence style
Kitchen interior Provence

A special feature of this area is the light raid of the whole village. Peace and tranquility, expressed in natural colors: white, beige, green, blue and, of course, all shades of brown and yellow, because Provence is the sunny region of France. Provence is simply created for the decoration of kitchen rooms and dining rooms, because here everything should breathe with naturalness and purity.

Decor in brown tones Provence
Brown Provence cuisine
Provencal cuisine in brown color

Wooden floors, whitewashed walls, solar windows and natural furniture are pieces of a mosaic of this decor.

Rustic Provencal Kitchen Decor
Kitchen decoration Provence
Provencal cuisine in rustic style

Designing the kitchen is a fantastic process that must be entrusted to real professionals, because the way the repair is done will depend on its durability and comfort of each family member.


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