Lighting the kitchen set: basic rules and modern trends

Lighting the kitchen set: basic rules and modern trends

Historically, when planning the apartment houses in the Soviet state, the comfort and convenience of the tenants were taken into account in the last place, because the main task was to give as many people as possible the coveted square meters. A significant part of the housing stock and now are houses built in the Soviet period, with small uncomfortable kitchens that absolutely do not meet the requirements of modern housewives.

In the daytime, you can do without lighting work areas

This small kitchen is so well arranged that during the day you can do without lighting work areas

Therefore, they and their husbands have to independently solve the problems associated with improving comfort in the kitchen. One of such problems for many kitchens is the lack of or uneven lighting, which is now easily solved by the correct lighting of the kitchen set.

The importance of properly planned lighting work areas in the kitchen

Kitchen – always one of the most popular places in the house and because of what atmosphere it will reign, how it will be perceived, the daily mood of the tenants largely depends. A dark, gloomy, cramped, unsuccessfully planned kitchen and emotions will evoke corresponding ones, but such variants are often encountered. Sometimes even a large-scale re-planning of an apartment may not yield the desired result. In this case, you can try to change the situation with the help of light effects.

Correctly selected lamps emphasize the elegance of the interior

Many designers use dark colors for decorating the kitchen, and properly selected lamps emphasize the elegance of the interior

Correctly selected lighting can transform an unsightly room into a cozy corner where all the adversities are forgotten, and also perform an utilitarian function – to make the kitchen work more comfortable, highlighting those areas that do not fall into the field of light of the main luminaire. Most often, such a zone is the working surface, located along the wall of the kitchen. The person in front of her, his own body, blocks the light, and attempts to turn so that it becomes brighter, usually unsuccessful.

Backlight kitchen set will be needed in the evening

The layout of this bright and spacious kitchen does not take into account the location of the natural and main light sources, therefore in the work area it is necessary to set the backlight

In this case, the best option – to install a light source above the working surface and the best way is to do it with the help of lighting the kitchen set.

Basic requirements for lighting the kitchen unit

Kitchen sets today can be selected for every taste, any color, made in a variety of styles, arranged at the request of the customer. By the same desire, you can install and backlight the headset, which usually runs along the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Previously, the installation of lighting required effort and was accompanied by a variety of difficulties, ranging from installation and ending with the replacement of worn out parts.

Today, setting the lighting of the kitchen set will not cause difficulties even for people far from electricians due to the extensive use of LED strips. The advantages of LED strips are so obvious that lighting of kitchen sets almost does not use any other type of lighting. Among the main advantages are ease of installation and subsequent maintenance, safety and economy.

The most common errors when installing the backlight

The main mistakes when installing the backlight kitchen set:

  1. Unsuccessful planning of the lighting scheme, as a result of which the need to replace parts can lead to the dismantling of the entire headset.
  2. Characteristic for the creative impulse placement of fixtures in all accessible places, even where no backlight is needed.

Setting the lighting of the kitchen set with your own hands

To install the backlight of a kitchen set from an LED strip, you will need:

  •  the LED strip itself;
  •  Cable ПВС for a feed of a tape cross-section 0,5 кв mm;
  • soldering iron, solder and rosin;
  •  power supply 12 volts (you can use a sealed or leaky power supply made specifically for the network of LED appliances, but on the Internet you can find messages from folk craftsmen who successfully used other power supplies for this purpose, for example, from a laptop);
  • insulating tape;
  • scissors.

Immediately in the store you should check the tape – it should not be damaged, any minor defect can affect the backlight operation. After that, the voltage supply of the power supply unit and the tape, which must necessarily coincide, is checked. If the skills of working with the soldering iron leave much to be desired, you can connect the network elements with the help of connectors, but many consider them less reliable than the soldered connection.

Now it only remains to collect all the components in a single system and test its operation. During operation, remember to observe the polarity, the reliability of soldered joints, the need to isolate the contacts. If everything is done correctly and after connecting to the network, the ribbon is lit with bright lights, you can proceed to the final stage – fixing the tape in the kitchen.

What to look for when choosing an LED strip

There are several options for highlighting the kitchen set using an LED strip. The choice of the option is determined mainly by personal preferences and requirements for lighting, depending on them you can take a tape with the number of LEDs per meter from 30 to 120. The most common option is 60 LEDs per meter, but the designers believe that if the kitchen itself is light, then quite enough and 30 lamps.

LED strip layout

The most common ways of attaching the LED strip

After that, the color of the LEDs is selected, which is presented in a wide palette of hues with the ability to control their brightness with the remote control. But all these characteristics relate to design refinements, and for simple additional illumination it is quite enough white diodes of cold or warm glow. Since traditionally more time in the kitchen holds a woman, then she is given the right to decisive vote in choosing the color and tone of the tape.

Lighting of kitchen sets is carried out by means of light-emitting diode tapes

Today, almost all the lighting of kitchen sets is performed with the help of LED ribbons of different colors and density

The kitchen is a special place and therefore additional safety requirements are imposed on everything connected with electricity in the kitchen. Lighting can be in the immediate vicinity of the cooker and experience the effects of steam and high temperatures, which can lead to the destruction of the LED strip. Do not forget about the neighbors from above, who without any malicious intent can pour the kitchen, and water, caught on electrical appliances, will lead to a short circuit. To avoid this, it is better to choose a waterproof tape, and if the tape is not waterproof, then it can be treated with a thermo lacquer for the engines, the result will be practically the same.

To fix the LED tape on the bottom of the kitchen cabinets, you can use double-sided scotch, pre-degreasing the surface, or you can use the self-adhesive base of the tape itself. To illuminate the kitchen set has become complete, you can hide the wires and power supply in the cabinet, pre-drilled holes in it in the right places. If everything is done correctly, then the lighting of the kitchen unit will add to the kitchen of comfort, originality and coziness.


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