How to erase Roman curtains: little tricks for perfect results

How to erase Roman curtains: little tricks for perfect results

As with any material used to decorate windows, Roman curtains need care. Before you wash the Roman curtains, read the information about the fabric from which they are made. But remember: if you want them to last a long time, do not wash them often, but clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Like others, Roman curtains of fabric need periodic washing

Roman curtains from the fabric should be periodically washed, like any other

How to properly wash Roman blinds

Such curtains are made of fabric of synthetic or natural origin. They can be vacuumed, but the washing of products is allowed. If the curtains are made of traditional curtain fabrics, they can be washed in a car, but you can fill it up to half. This ensures accurate washing, delicate rinsing and spinning.

For Roman blinds, it is suitable for both machine and hand washing

Depending on the size and material of the Roman curtains, they are washed manually or in a washing machine

Before you wash the Roman curtains, do not forget to pull the slats that are between the strips of fabric. These are metal, wooden or plastic crossbeams. It is not difficult to do this because the ribbon or the finishing edge on one side is not stuck.

Rinsing the Roman curtains should be carefully, since the detergent particles that remain in the fibers of the fabric can cause a chemical reaction, and the curtains will change color.

If the washing did not result in the desired result, and the traces of contamination could not be recovered, contact a dry cleaner.

Curtains from cotton fabrics are washed using universal powders. If you want to dry the product in a drying machine, make sure that it can be done (read the information on the label). If you can not do this, the fabric may shrink and you will not be able to hang it again on the window. It is best to wash such curtains manually at a water temperature of 40 degrees. To do this, soak the curtains for an hour with a pH neutral cleaner that does not contain bleaching agents.

How to wash “temples” of delicate fabrics

You can erase them manually or in a car, but only at a temperature of 30 degrees, spinning in a centrifuge and twisting is not allowed. Dry velvet curtains, wrapped in a sweat cloth and spread out on a flat surface.

Roman curtains of silk can also not be unscrewed and pressed in a drum of a washing machine. Do not dry the product in the sun or near a heating appliance.


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