Fashion trends in kitchen design

Fashion trends in kitchen design

If you are going to repair your kitchen, we have good and bad news for you. First, let’s talk about the good. According to the identified designers Lit Dirks and Dominik Trengali trends, you do not have to invest money to do the redevelopment and physically expand the kitchen space at the expense of other premises. You need to work with what is available: put windows with elegant frames, multifunctional furniture, visually raise the ceiling. Make each centimeter of occupied space work.

European designers prefer spacious bright rooms for kitchens

Modern cuisine in the presentation of European designers is spacious, bright, does not contain unnecessary details

The next kitchen trend – fancy and flaunted household appliances, huge pyramidal hoods – are a thing of the past. The simpler and more elegant the design, the better. Evaluating the trends at the international Builder’s Show in Las Vegas, you can describe the modern kitchen of world standards.

One of the cuisines with Builder's Show 2013 is an original combination of design and light

One of the kitchens with the Builder’s Show attracts both original design, and a bizarre play of light, and an abundance of decor elements

Now at the peak of popularity open kitchens together with an open floor plan. This means that the working triangle, the rules of which idealize the majority of decorators, is already in the past. The refrigerator can be located near the computer, and the sink – in a completely different room.

Lita Dirks notes that the dining tables also disappear from the kitchens. It is perfectly permissible to eat in the living room, to drink coffee in the bedroom or on the balcony. Everyone knows everything that can be eaten by looking at the monitor, sitting on a computer chair. The only drawback of this point is that teachers still forbid children to eat before working and switched on entertainment equipment (computer, television). But in general, there are no rules for the adult population.

The maximum of free space is the main requirement of the modern times for the kitchens

The ideal modern kitchen is open, not cluttered with excess furniture and appliances

The bad news (in general, it’s not so bad) is that all these trends have already been there before. Open floor plans existed since the man landed on the moon, and all at that time adored them (especially in America).

The following statement – free space in the kitchen is becoming less detailed and increasingly expresses the individuality. Probably, it is similar to changes in the inner world of the human soul.

A stylish, discreet interior in a soft color scheme is a trendy trend this year

Less bright colors and details, more individuality – such interiors are preferred by successful residents of megacities

Designers Lita Dirks and Dominik Trengali have several tips for those who are going to fit their kitchen to the world standards. The author of several successful books about kitchen interiors, John Reich, editor of three magazines, including Better Homes, will add here some of his constructive comments.

Simplicity and space saving

The design of modern kitchens is simpler, with fewer details and finishes. Experts from National Kitchen and Bath Association assure that, in fact, traditional kitchens with wooden cabinets and a large table have already gone out of fashion, and now in the kitchen space there is a kind of “transitional” design from the traditional to something else. And according to statistics, this transitional design took the lead for the first time, overtaking traditional cuisine.

To save space, convenient organizers are used

Conveniently organized boxes save space, so designers specially develop different organizers for kitchen implements

Ergonomic facades

Trends in kitchen design, not giving up their positions – the clarity of forms, the conciseness of the facades of kitchen sets, the pronounced individualization of each interior. Cardinally changed the approach to the aesthetic function of furniture – instead of perceiving the headset as the center of the room, the cabinets become just a canvas for catchy accents with character.


Nothing superfluous: strict shapes, muted colors

Deaf facades – without ornaments, chamfers, milling: the main difference of all design projects. Instead of saturated gloss – semi-muted glare or a smooth matte surface. Strict rectangles with clear angles, multilayered simple shapes – instead of curved radius facades and carved cabinets.


Uniformity and lack of decor on surfaces

There is a tendency to create monolithic panels – everything that can be hidden under a strict facade should be hidden.

Concealed fittings: monolithic surface

This approach in the design sets for kitchens launched a new trend the choice of accessories: a minimum of decor and maximum functionality. On smooth doors it is impossible to see the handles. To open a cabinet or cabinet is enough easy touching the back of the palm – functionality for the sake of comfort.


No suspensions: instead of handles – molded railing

kitchen set

Absolutely no fittings – only deaf facades

The internal filling of the sets is also impressive: transformers, sliding surfaces, rollout niches, boxes. This organization of the internal space allows you to leave on the countertops, tables, a minimum of objects.

retractable elements

Functionality and ergonomics: sliding elements

Color solutions: actual shades

Coldness and severity of the forms leave an imprint on the choice of color solutions. The warm, shiny colors are replaced by cool, muted colors: violet scales with gray sub-ton, dark blue-green Petrol, plum-rich.

The main colors of the season are monochrome combinations: black and white, all shades of gray, from matted silver to dark anthracite.

White and black: together or separately

It seems the white color in kitchen design – this trend for a long time. One-tone interiors with contrast accents are still relevant.

white headset

More black: white set under a glossy top

A new vision of modern sets is the selection of matte black sets. But black color requires a volume in space: it is suitable only for large rooms, brightly lit kitchen-dining rooms, rooms with high ceilings. In combination with black, a few bright details are enough to accentuate the accents.

black headset

Simplicity and monochrome: a black set

Black cabinets combine with snow-white or the color of melted milk, ivory, table tops. In fashion, the floor is made of ceramics in the form of a chessboard.

Monochrome: trendy gray scale

Gray color dominates in kitchen design. The expansion of the shade can be traced in the interiors of any style – from classical to trenda new loft.

kitchen room

It does not matter, dark or light, the main thing – gray

Dark matte shades coexist with cold white. And dilutes the monotony of several details in the color of warm copper: lamps, mixer. The interior is revitalized by a soft yellowish backlight and a floor made of natural wood.


Kitchen from a tree

Together with the steel color, the interior also includes metal or chipboard facades with a finishing finish for frosted chrome.


Kitchen in gray tones

In small kitchens gorgeous looking headsets with a light gloss: high cabinets visually raise the ceiling.


Kitchen in gray tones

A light metallic shade in spacious rooms contrasts with dark walls.


Kitchen in gray

Return of wooden facades in unusual textures

Unjustly forgotten facades from natural wood return in non-standard design. The tree is tinted in all shades of silver, using artificial laminated materials with a pattern of exotic rocks. In the trend – matte lacquer.


Drawing of natural wood of cold gray color: actual design

It creates a feeling of complete lack of processing of wood – natural color, matte surface, a minimum of decor.


Kitchen in gray tones

Without contrasts: calm serene atmosphere of gray cuisine.


Kitchen in gray tones

Bright Petrol in contrast to natural shades

Fashion designers have left a few bright colors for those who do not want to turn the design of their own kitchen into solid gray. The opening of the season is an unusual Petrol: bright and saturated blue-green.


Kitchen in the style of Petrol

Combine such an unusual shade you need – with the color of black chocolate, fashionable gray, or choose a classic combination with white.


Kitchen in the style of Petrol

Three primary colors create a bright unique ensemble. A white set under a chocolate top, the upper tier with blind facades – in a bright blue-green.


Kitchen Design

If the replacement of furniture is not planned, it is enough to decorate in a bright shade several surfaces.


White with gray and petrol: a luxurious interior

Even in country-style there was a place for a superfashionable color.


Kitchen in blue tones

Gray-lilac fog and rich plum in trendy kitchens

Calm cool lilac scales – again in the trend in kitchen design, but with the caveat: through the violet-plum-purple haze must necessarily shine a gray shade.


Fashionable muffled and cold soft color: the perfect combination of textures and colors

The actual chess floor of tiles and walls in a fashionable color.


Kitchen in the Lilac Light

The plum set creates a contrast with the white floor and geometric figures on the wall.

kitchen set

Plum Headset

Is it difficult to combine violet shades with the color of natural wood? Not at all.


Kitchen in violet shades

Hidden household appliances

If before, the hostess liked to put on large microwave ovens, elegant plates, capacious refrigerators, demonstrating that they are perfectly prepared, but today they prefer to hide and hide all this equipment in cabinets, bay windows, build in headsets, tables and niches. So the devices are better integrated into the living space. While there is a tendency to demonstrate a technique with metal surfaces, but, probably, it will soon depart.

The popularity of metal surfaces and details of kitchen appliances is gradually disappearing into the past

While there is a tendency to demonstrate a technique with metal surfaces, but probably it will soon depart

High cabinets: salvation for cramped kitchens

Clear zoning is one of the main requirements for a fashionable kitchen interior. And the real salvation for small rooms are the one-ton facades covering the entire surface of one of the walls. The classical perception of kitchen furniture as a two-level symmetric system is irretrievably gone. Instead of the top tier – blind cabinets from floor to ceiling, hiding all kitchen appliances.

high cabinets

High cabinets in parallel layout

New trend, entered in kitchen design – ignoring linearity when building longlines. Open air shelves, open pedestals with sliding glass facades, narrow blind rectangular hanging pedestals installed on different levels.


Closed, blind facades perfectly cope with the problem of a small area in urban kitchens

Unusual elements and materials in the interior

Say hello to unconventional material for countertops and aprons. This ceramic tile “under the stone”, “wood” and even reminiscent of textiles! Because the product is made of clay, it easily withstands high temperatures. It does not use chemical glue or other compounds to fix the tiles on the surface. Everything is ecological.

Extraordinary effect produces the table top of the original form

An unusual countertop in a modern kitchen in combination with other decor elements looks very impressive

In the modern kitchen people start using high technologies – unusual shapes of shells and taps, whimsical, unlike standard, hoods, put fireplaces and coffee machines.

Concentrated in one place kitchen appliances allow you to perform work quickly and efficiently

The built-in espresso machine on the left is a tribute to technical progress, increasingly affecting everyday life

A glittering, shiny glass comes and conquers the kitchen. Especially good look glass aprons, glass panels on the walls and even under the ceiling as an accent. In addition, the glass is wonderfully and quickly laundered from grease and dirt.

Fashionable glass aprons are increasingly found in kitchens

Glass aprons – a fashionable trend of kitchen design

The second life of old things and fashionable decor

The coldness, laconicism and abundance of deaf closed surfaces simply oblige to create your own unique interior: boldly add a bright decor to the strict kitchen.

In the trend – inscriptions, stickers, and everything that resembles a school board. Write your story – a fashionable kitchen design must necessarily contain black and white man-made masterpieces.

decor in the kitchen

Not enough space? Use the whole wall as a canvas for creativity

Write on the facades: trendy blue-green kitchen with black doors of upper cabinets.


Modern kitchen

Stickers will revive the white kitchen apron: an interesting solution for a black and white interior.

Unconventional decor for a non-standard kitchen: a perforated sheet of black metal with wooden appliances.

Old lamps, unusual chandeliers and vintage decor transform the room, adding personality to it.

framed photos

Old photos in an interesting frame

fixtures in the kitchen

Lamps from old copper and glass on long suspensions

clock in the kitchen

Vintage watch for fashion kitchen

Texture: geometry, patchwork in kitchen aprons

As a way to individualize the kitchen interior, the installation of an unusual apron from conventional ceramic tiles is perfect. Trend: small or mosaic tiles, square elements, non-standard patterns in the form of geometric figures.


Stylish: bright tiles, reminiscent of an old patchwork quilt

An interesting choice: the laying of tiles with deliberate misalignment of the elements of the picture.

Apron, which creates a feeling that a tile from the Soviet era was “forgotten” on the wall – a pretty retro.

A monochromatic surface made of small rectangular ceramics, imitating a brick, is a fashionable texture.

Black and white rhombs under the open glass shelves in a brightly lit kitchen.

Summer cuisines in trend: appetizing ideas for a hot season

All current trends, prevailing in the design standard kitchens, found their place in the open areas, summer kitchens of country houses. Required features of fashion design:

  • The use of simple building materials as finishing: instead of facing brick – ordinary masonry, instead of polished stone – a rough surface of chipped, marble and expensive granite replaces architectural concrete.
  • The presence of gray color is a “must be” in any kitchen: both inside the house and summer.

Cold gray color, gloss frosted chrome, strict rectangles of facades, expensive wood – all the actual trends on one terrace

  • Combination of cold metal with wood, stone, masonry.
  • Minimal decor, maximum – closed, deaf surfaces of cold colors.
summer cuisine

Fashionable summer kitchen: maximum air and space

Main trend in design summer kitchens Is the maximum expansion of space. Cottages leave gazebos and garden houses, taking a worthy place in open areas and terraces. But to destroy the walls – not necessarily. Designers propose to turn a closed enclosed space into open gazebos, installing panoramic windows.

Without walls: current trends in the design of the summer kitchen

For those who are not ready for the fashion to place their own country kitchen in the open air, designers have prepared very unusual solutions. A healthy minimalism, which makes reality the arrangement of a full-fledged building on a tiny square, is a blind wall with a sliding canopy. Such a kitchen can be arranged not only in the yard or on the lawn, but also on the roof of the high-rise building. As a finishing and basic material for the construction of the barbecue and work surfaces, the old brick is used, gray tiles are chosen for the apron, and the black hood and bright lamps are accents on the strict open kitchen.

Instead of a gazebo, everything necessary for cooking can be installed under a canopy, in a garage. The technique is built directly into the brick foundation, and the facades can be made with their own hands from the roughing boards. Several vases with annuals will give accentuated careless execution of the kitchen home charm.

The most fashionable shades of the season will help to dilute the industrial scale – violet, lilac, plum. The bench, painted with a gray-lilac acrylic paint, air curtains and a chandelier in tone will make even the most brutal loft cozy.

Fans of warm natural shades as a finishing stone are recommended to use an artificial stone with deliberately careless edges. The sand scale is in perfect harmony with warm wood and white columns. And to make such decision fashionable will help steel smooth surfaces of technics.

Owners of country houses should think about the equipment of a full kitchen-dining room on the veranda or terrace: with a fireplace, a sitting area, a wine fridge and, most importantly, a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

rest zone

Rest area, dining room, work surface – proper zoning of the open kitchen

A small veranda can easily be turned into a favorite place not only for the family, but also for the guests. The set built into the niche and the gray dining set of rattan surrounded by dark wood is an idea worthy of embodiment.

The floor is made of stone and the concrete top is what you need in the open kitchen. Materials are not afraid of water, sun, temperature difference. Care is required minimum, and the appearance of surfaces remains unchanged even after tens of years.

plasma panel

Plasma panel suspended from the cross bar is the only thing that requires protection from rain

The ingenious solution: a full kitchen on 3 square meters, besides directly at the pool. To protect furniture and equipment, the niche was equipped with an elevating garage door, they also serve as a canopy.

Open sites: a new look at the organization of space

The most courageous trend in design summer kitchens – is the organization of laconic and strict working areas directly in the open area: without canopies, roofs, arbors. Naturally, the insurance against sudden rain can not be bought, but in bad weather even in a closed gazebo is uncomfortable.


Unusually: the kitchen outside the house

Designers offer to choose simple materials, safely combine them with stainless steel. Equipment for open areas is equipped with sealed lids. The huge advantage of open kitchens is the possibility of organizing on a small area and budget.

The natural stone dominates in the finish, the favorites of the dining area are rattan, plastic and wood.

If the site is not yet equipped, you can form a stepped terrace overlooking the pool. In open areas in the trend – both rectangular and radius surfaces, islands and angular structures.

Corner kitchen made of red brick in the courtyard is a sample of coziness and good taste. A small stroke in the form of a tree with a red crown repeating the color of the finish, puts the final point in this ensemble.

Fans of industrial design will like the idea of ​​creating a set of steel and polished architectural concrete.

Fashionable – semicircular bar counters with built-in kitchen appliances and high chairs. Own bar – on the corner of your own house.

Ergonomics – above all. A direct open kitchen can be successfully placed even between two columns at the entrance.

For the bravest – a concrete set: simple, concise, fashionable.

Trend blue-green: mosaic on the wall, tiled work surfaces – the atmosphere of sea rest in every detail.

Arrangement of a trend kitchen: a rational approach

The topical question: is it worth pursuing the implementation of all the fashion ideas? Especially when it comes to the kitchen. It’s enough just to add a few touches to the familiar interior. For example, to sunk several facades in a trendy shade, add a fashionable decor, paint the walls in a cool gray color.

Picking up furniture and appliances, choose a laconic set with monophonic matte facades in calm neutral colors. Such a solution will allow transforming the space using blind surfaces as a basis for creating their own unique trends.

Always at the height of fashion remains natural and natural. Modern artificial materials allow you to save, embody any idea, as accurately as possible imitating the surface of expensive wood, marble, granite – use artificial stone, tile, laminated facades.


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