English curtains in the interior of the kitchen and living room: the decor of the windows in the London style

English curtains in the interior of the kitchen and living room: the decor of the windows in the London style

Want to add to the familiar kitchen a little solid English charm or luxury of the London salon? Try to choose English curtains – in the classical version or in a modern interpretation, adapted to the real conditions of the apartment or house. The comfort and spirit of traditional evenings with tea drinking are provided.

Curtains in English style for kitchens and living rooms: stylistics of rooms

Undoubtedly, magnificent shuttlecocks and voluminous folds – not for accentuated laconic fashionable cuisines. But the style of the London window decor is perfectly in harmony both in classical and retro interiors, light kitchens in the style of Provence.


A bit of English stiffness and coziness: kitchen with curtains in English style


Curtains for retro kitchens, classic living rooms and dining rooms in rustic style

London chic for spacious rooms

In the traditional format, English curtains are a heavy curtain on a dense lining with counter folds along the edges of the fabric and voluminous draperies in the lower part. Due to the fact that the fabric is assembled at the edges, the flounces in their assembled form resemble a magnificent bow. The middle part of the canvas forms a semicircle in the form of an inverted arch.


Short version with contrasting Roman blind

The real London drapery is 2 folds with a lifting mechanism in the center of each. The design looks quite heavy: even in the lowered form, folds should remain at the bottom of the leaf, and in the raised state the window should be covered with a cloth at least a third. Completely lowered curtains should not fall below the window sill.


Chic flounces in classic design

That’s why the classic option is preferable for spacious and bright rooms with several windows. The design of curtains for high and comparatively narrow window constructions with a frame separating the glass into small fragments was created. The height of the ceiling in the mansions allowed to leave the upper half closed. Heavy drapery hid from the eyes eternally clouded sky.


Saturated dark colors in contrast with white furniture

Decorated with fringed and bow curtains suitable for spacious kitchen-dining rooms or living-room country houses. The volume that creates the fabric takes a lot of space.


Lovely kitchen with floral textiles

A stylistically ideal interior for such drapery windows are kitchen-living rooms in English style, classic dining rooms with furniture from natural wood and walls, pasted wallpaper in the same style with fabric decor.

translucent drapery

Aerial translucent drapery

Slightly correcting the shape and picking up textiles without a traditional pattern, you can successfully “lodge” English curtains in the interior of retro or country. Provence, shine-chic and fusion are fashionable trends, for which the curtains in English style will become a real stylistic highlight.

Taboo: in which kitchens the English style will turn into a kitsch

In the standard version, English curtains in the interior in the style of high-tech are inappropriate. Variations are possible with the use of textiles with metallic luster and strict folds of regular shape. It is better not to combine curtains with bright oriental patterns, cage or a strict strip with a glossy plastic set. In the minimalist kitchens, the usual “Roman” in the tone of furniture or walls will be much more vivid.


Unsuccessful choice: a curtain with a glossy pattern and a contrasting fold in a small window

Avoid excessive load in the decor: three-dimensional folds will make an already small apartment room quite tiny. And in small kitchens-pencil cases, made furniture, it is better to minimize window decor and avoid opaque textures.


Too much decor in a confined space: heavy textiles, cornice with backlighting

Do not close a significant part of the single window, especially in a room with a very low ceiling. If you like decor in English style, copy the design, and the material choose transparent – this solution will add air and light.

To visually make the window aperture above, install the cornice practically under the ceiling, and select the size of the canvas so that the bottom edge covers only the upper part of the window frame.

Choose fabric and colors for the London curtains

Options for sewing curtains for the kitchen, living room in the English style – a lot. If there are only 2 folds in classical samples, then in design interpretations one can find an interesting mix: the combination of elements of the present London curtains, Austrian, Roman and French systems.

coloring curtains

Stripe, oriental pattern, cage and flowers: variants of colors

Design options: air folds or heavy bow

Before deciding on a purchase or tailoring, it is necessary to decide on the design. Depending on the area of ​​the window, the interior of the kitchen, you can choose:

  • A short curtain.

Short textiles leave open most of the window: option with large windows

  • Classic decor to the window sill.

Standard execution and décor: open cloth covers half of the window

  • Lambrequin decorated in English style.
lambrequin bow

Bant-lambrequin based on the English living room combined with Roman blinds

The canons of style prescribe not to combine the basic decor of the window with other textiles: curtains, blinds, curtains. But in practice, not always an open window looks attractive.


Classics: restrained stripe, three-dimensional

Designers offer the courage to combine several decor elements, or change the design at their own discretion. For example, instead of a flat fabric without assembly and with two folds, sew a curtain with a London charm of monophonic matter, and place the faldu in the center.


Hint on the English style: the lifting tape in the middle

If a short option is selected, the horizontal blinds are the optimum choice for adjusting the illumination. In the open, the design is almost invisible, and does not divert attention from the main decor.


In combination with wide horizontal blinds

And in spacious kitchens and living rooms with 2-3 large windows you can not be afraid to spoil the interior with too much textiles on the windows. In confirmation – a stylish combination of English short and long Roman curtains, as in the photo:


A successful solution for high window openings: elevating Roman and short English curtains

Choice of colors: classic strip, cage, floral print

Huge scope for imagination – in the choice of colors. Classics: the true London spirit is best conveyed by a vertical strip and a two-color coloring in a cage.


Gray-blue fashion cage: practical choice for a kitchen with blue walls

The geometric pattern in rhombuses is perfectly combined with contrasting monophonic inserts in the folding sections of the fold.

single-color inserts

Rhombuses, fringes and plain inserts

And this will look like textiles in assembled form:


Of the two types of fabric

A strip is a universal variant of the coloring. You can choose a material with multi-colored stripes, which repeat the shades used in interior decoration.


In bright stripes

Uniform textiles in a restrained pastel range can be combined with the printed material. Textiles with a pattern to arrange in the central part, and monophonic – along the edges of the canvas.


Landscape motifs and monophonic bands along the edges

If there are many windows, then to combine several elements of the interior will help the overall bright shade. For example, upholstery of a sofa and textiles on windows in English style. As a contrast – a bright material with a floral print.


Living room area with curtains in English style

Flower motifs are considered a favorite in the design of window textiles – London curtains of bright floral textiles look smart and fresh.


Cloth with flower pattern

Monochrome curtains made of dense material – for connoisseurs of strict and consistent stylistics in the interior of the kitchen.


Almost invisible glossy strip on the curtain in cream color

Tips for choosing textiles

Choosing textiles for sewing window decor in the London style, pay attention to how the material holds volume. At the same time, the canvas should not be too dense, so that the bow does not turn into crumpled heavy folds.


Volume and resistance to fading – the main criteria for choosing textiles

Give preference to special curtain fabrics – after all, under the influence of sunlight, the collected curtain will burn out with uneven stripes.


Natural fabric is ideal for country style

There are no restrictions on the type of textiles. In the classic kitchen-living rooms, curtains of dense jacquard fabrics, shenille or wool are appropriate.


Uniform and dense material “holds” the form well

In country and retro interior, colorful cotton, chintz is appropriate. Always advantageous look details from flax, a dense cottage, especially with the imitation of nodules in a monophonic design.


Lovely chintz in a fine flower: for a country kitchen-verandah

Always products with an easy overflow look – from natural or artificial fibers.

Fantasy: how to decorate the finished curtains

A curtain or curtain in the English style does not require decoration. But you can dilute excessive severity by unobtrusive decor. Organically looks:

  • Broad band of fabric of a different color in the upper part.

Edging with checkered material and cord

  • A twisted cord around the contour of the folds.

    Textiles with original pattern and pompon decor

  • Short ruches with free assembly or pressed wrinkles.

    Ribbon in the center of the fold

  • Sewn decor in the form of a ribbon with brushes, small pompons, fringe.

Brushes and checkered material in folds lined with glossy cord

Also, the window can be trimmed with large textile buttons that hold the fabric in the upper part; belts-tapes, hiding seams in the place where the cord is inserted for lifting.




A simplified version: instead of a sewn cord with rings – tape-garter

Original decoration is always in fashion. On the curtain made of natural material is appropriate decoration in the form of a ribbon from the ribbon with embroidery.

canvas with embroidery

Home-made fabric with embroidery: original look at English style

We sew ourselves: the instruction on tailoring of the London curtains

Sewing yourself London curtains can even beginners skilled masters. Need skills in working with a sewing machine, a little imagination and patience and the ability to make a simple pattern.

Calculation of the amount of tissue and preparation of accessories

Before you go for the materials, measure the width, height of the window opening and determine the location of the cornice. You can install English curtains in several ways:

  • Directly in the window opening above the frame.
  • Above the window, like classic curtains – in this case the width of the cornice will be greater.

You can buy a ready-made rod-cornice for lifting curtains or make a holder yourself. For a homemade plank you will need:

set for cornice

Set for self-made eaves

  • A wooden strip of the required length with a cross section of approximately 2 by 5 cm.
  • Paint if you do not plan to tighten the rack with a cloth.
  • Several self-tapping screws with rings at the ends.
  • Adhesive tape – Velcro in a roll length equal to the length of the cornice.

After the size of the finished product is determined, we calculate the amount of fabric. For a design with two folds, you need to add at least 60 – 90 cm to the width. This “surplus” will determine how much the ribbon will turn out and how deep the fold will be.


Several schemes of window textiles in the English style

Also need a narrow band for curtains and curtains. The length of one strip of sewn ribbon is equal to the length of the curtains in the loose state, if there are two tails, it is necessary to double the tape’s length. For every 15 – 30 cm tape one plastic cordlet for the cord is needed.

ribbon with a ringlet

There are ready-made ribbons with rings

It is easier to navigate the standard scheme, replacing the symbols with your own measurements. The depth of folds can be changed, the main thing is to observe symmetry and general proportions.


A simple pattern-design for calculating the amount of material

The bar of the eaves can be covered with material, using a glue gun, or sewing a tight cover. On the underside of the front side, use a hot glue to glue the Velcro to which the curtain will be fastened, and screw the screws into the bottom part, through the rings of which will pass a cord for lifting the curtain.

Step by step: simple instructions for tailoring

If you want a dense product that does not allow light, be sure to buy a lining cloth. Cut out the main cloth from the selected fabric with a gap on all sides of 5-6 cm for bending the fabric.

lining connection

Lining and facial lining

  • The first step is to iron the edges and press the main fabric that is tucked inside out. Also make a bend on the lining, with a width of up to 2 cm. Connect the main and lining fabric with pins around the perimeter, facing inwards. Sew, leaving a gap in order to unscrew the product.

Tape the tape with the pins beforehand so that the seam is even

  • Mark the middle fold lines, symmetrically mark the edges of the side folds. In the center of the fold, sew the curtain tape. Leave the threads of the bottom edge free, the upper fix.
bunch assembly

The lower threads adjust the depth of the bow assembly

  • To the lower bands of the tape, tie the cord, thread the cord along the entire length in the direction upwards, over the rings of screws at the bottom of the bar – these are the cords for lifting the curtains.
lift adjustment

Cord for lifting adjustment

  • Turn the product face down, press the folds. Stitch along the top edge. On the wrong side, you need to sew a Velcro tape.
fastening of curtains

Fastening the curtains to the cornice with Velcro tape

Photo of stylish kitchens with window decor in the style of LondonShades

Examples of kitchen design using curtains in English style inspire. A few ideas worthy of embodiment in your favorite kitchen:

  • Textile oil color with contrasting dark fringe in a light kitchen in a retro style.
    monophonic tissue

    Contrast decor and monophonic fabric

  • Classy classic contrasting cage in a snow-white kitchen with a huge island.

    Chic: white suite, glossy wood floor and open windows with textiles in London style

  • Destruction of stereotypes: a kitchen with hi-tech elements, white furniture with frame facades, and a classic curtain with three-dimensional folds on a wide window.

    Modern interior

  • A classic strip and textiles with gloss is what you need in a cozy living room.

    Brown base and light gray strip: material with shine

  • The idea for a living room with English textiles: the ideal solution for narrow and tall windows.
    living room

    Living room-country

  • In a low-key black and white interior, it is better to do with a plain cloth without unnecessary decor.

    Solid interior

  • Lovely curtains in flowers will decorate the kitchen in rustic or Provence style.

    Focus on the window

  • A cozy niche: a window-sill-sofa, a window decorated with a patterned English curtain.
    window decoration

    Window decoration in a niche

  • Variation on the theme of the English style: a light transparent tulle without a lining with a characteristic fold-bow.

    Air solution: maximum light and traditional cut

When deciding to use the kitchen decor for windows in English style, remember the volume: large and magnificent shuttlecocks require space. If there is not enough light in the room, improvise: choose transparent and light materials.

Video compilation of inspirational ideas


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