Design solutions and photos of stylish interiors of kitchen-living rooms of 18 square meters. m

Design solutions and photos of stylish interiors of kitchen-living rooms of 18 square meters. m

The dream kitchen is a spacious and bright room, a favorite place for family and friendly gatherings. Owners of country houses and large apartments in new buildings are doubly fortunate, because you can independently design the interior. For those who decide to translate their ideas into a unique 18-meter-wide kitchen-living room design, a photo of professional projects will help you choose the interior concept, avoid overloading the room and avoid annoying mistakes.

Design and layout of a spacious kitchen: interior solutions for a separate room

The choice of style of the kitchen corresponds to the general stylistic picture of the house, but the layout of the room is determined by objective factors: it is necessary to take into account the shape of the room, plan the arrangement of furniture, determine the installation points of equipment and conduct zoning. In the design of the kitchen at 18 square. There is enough space for 3 functional zones.


18 meters: chic footage for authoring design


A separate kitchen of the right shape: design ideas

Layout options: create an ergonomic and functional space

Isolated kitchens with a gorgeous footage of 18 – 20 m are rare – only in new large apartments and private homes. Owners of old housing have to combine small kitchens with neighboring rooms to expand the area.

The ideal variant of geometry is a regular rectangle or a square with a side of 4.5 m. This form allows you to choose any of the possible classical layout methods. Optimum solutions for non-professional kitchen design 18 m sq .:

  1. Linear layout. Applicable for both square and narrow rectangular spaces. Furniture with appliances can be placed along one wall, completely closing it, or along two parallel walls. In the center of the room will be enough space for a full-fledged dining set. In single-row accommodation, it is advisable to arrange a rest area with a sofa in the free part of the room, turning the kitchen into a kitchen-living room.
kitchen layout

Linear layout in rectangular spaces

  1. Corner version. The most convenient layout, especially for self-design. Everything is simple: the furniture in the corner allows you to correctly place the technique according to the rule of the triangle. In the center of the room there is a dining area, in the other part of the kitchen there is a relax zone with a sofa, a coffee table.

Corner Layout

  1. The U-shaped set harmoniously blends into a rectangular room. Allows you to use the wall with the window, setting the lower tier of furniture level with the sill. The U-shaped layout automatically divides the room if the length of the side sections of the headset is approximately half the length of the wall. The remaining space can be safely used as a dining room and living room.

U-shaped layout

  1. Island planning – the only type of layout for which an area of ​​18 square meters. m in the kitchen may not be enough. Design trust professionals, solutions exist. Instead of a classic island, a narrow island-table will be made to order. Another way is to reduce the depth of the lower cabinets of the headset, freeing up the necessary space.

Linear sets and a dining group: a photo of fresh ideas

The easiest way to make the kitchen comfortable, stylish and bright for a beginner designer is to choose a single-row layout. The solution is for square rooms or rectangular rooms. The standard depth of furniture is 60 cm. Hence, there are more than 3 m of the width of the room: this kitchen is also suitable for large companies.

7 simple and fashionable solutions:

  1. Those who prefer the unobtrusive tones of the pastel scale, like the idea of ​​a suite built into the niche.
spacious kitchen layout

Linear layout of a spacious kitchen in bright colors

The arrangement of light shades with rich bright chocolate details, a niche for furniture from GKL, a false ceiling with built-in spots – details that will make the interior unconventional. Laconic set serves as a modest background for functional built-in appliances.

  1. Kitchen 18 square meters. m – design with a luxurious sofa. White furniture with simple facades and a shelf above the upper tier, heavy curtains of dense light fabric, and … a chic sofa with cream upholstery, carved bent back and handles.
kitchen Design

Extraordinary bright design

Pay attention to how harmoniously adjacent simple simple furniture with a glass suspension and transparent plastic chairs.

  1. The solution for the kitchens combined with the room. If there is a ledge on the wall that can not be dismantled, it should be beaten as the boundary of the work area.

Custom-built suite with high cabinets and wooden table

  1. The scale of the room allows you to experiment with color solutions. Bright and glossy facades in contrast to the muted colors of walls, textiles and a dining group will create a cheerful mood.

Blue with beige: modern kitchen

  1. When choosing a parallel layout, plan the layout of the equipment correctly, especially if there is a dining table between the rows of furniture. Arrange the sink and the stove on one line, and the storage zone in a parallel row.

Retro Kitchen in Parallel Layout: The Idea for Carrying Out

  1. An example of a two-row arrangement for modern kitchens: deaf glossy facades, multi-level furniture. In the center is a small table. One of the lines of the headset is shortened – there is space for the rest zone.
kitchen Design

Interesting design for a narrow kitchen

  1. In narrow spaces it is advisable to abandon the upper tier in one of the lines. Choose light facades, leave the window open, – the kitchen will visually become wider.
dining room

Dining group at the window

Separation of the room into 2 zones: choose the angular layout

Angular layout – a universal way of arrangement. The design with the angular layout is a chance to effortlessly use all the complex areas: a wall with a window and a balcony door, part of the partition with an interior door.

Additional zoning using two types of flooring in a separate room is not required. You can arrange the necessary accents with the help of light and ceiling designs.

7 examples of good design:

  1. Fans of quiet traditional solutions will choose a white suite with frame facades.
kitchen interier

Elegant interior of a spacious kitchen

Pay attention to the niche for the TV. The dining area is located opposite the panel: underlined the space for joint leisure. Sink, hob and oven in the pencil case – in a small space, at arm’s length.

  1. The game of contrasts is for those who prefer a black and white interior. In the design of the kitchen living room area of ​​18 square meters. you can do with a minimal number of hanging cabinets. The room will seem even bigger, and the volume of the lower-tier cabinets is more than enough for all kitchen utensils.
kitchen set

Corner set in black and white kitchen

  1. A huge role is played by the choice of textiles and color layout. An interesting solution for low rooms: walls and ceiling – in one shade, furniture and textiles – a combination of beige and tender green.

Light kitchen with low ceiling

Zest: air textiles on the window, weightless shelves with glassware. These solutions divert attention from the low ceiling

  1. Budget way to equip the kitchen: choose a corner set from modular collections and make it unique with the help of vinyl film. The old refrigerator will also be transformed.

Inexpensive design: kitchen solution with balcony

Choose a wallpaper with a geometric pattern in the tone of the background of the vinyl film. Add some bright accents to the interior.

  1. The traditional design of the kitchen in the 18 meter room will never go out of fashion. Classic shades of facades “under the tree”, a restrained range of walls and a classic dining set – simple and functional.
kitchen interier

Restrained interior of a spacious kitchen

  1. Fashionable glossy facades in corner sets always become a decoration of the room. Try to create a contrast of spectacular furniture and light colors of decoration. Two-colored kitchen: ivory and dark wood.

Modular suite in the design of a large kitchen of 18 square meters

  1. A snow-white interior with contrasting black details – a Scandinavian style design, it seems, is not going to leave the ratings of the most trendy directions. Dilute the white color and pastel walls and floor bright modern details, for example, black and white carpet.

Spacious kitchen: laconic and stylish design

In this design, do not need the decor in a huge amount: refuse curtains, for an apron suitable standard white tiles, and the walls simply paint matte acrylic paint.


Functionality, simplicity and minimum decor

U-shaped layout: winning design

Unlike linear and angular layouts, which are freely played out in design, without requiring enormous expenses, the U-shaped layout in the kitchen-living room design is 18 square meters. m is a work for designers.

Collect such furniture from the finished furniture is impossible. But the interior with the involvement of three walls in the work area always looks extraordinary.


The original way to equip a large kitchen


  • The wall with the window turns into a working surface.
  • You can leave half the room for the living room or dining room, having arranged a dining table-rack on the end of one of the lines.

Zoning in the n-type layout

  • Unlimited possibilities for technical equipment.

5 interesting and practical ideas for a spacious room:

  1. Modern kitchen with an asymmetrical suite: one of the lines is a dining table.

Kitchen filled with air and light

  1. White retro-set in contrast to the varnished deck floor in the color of ebony – an idea worthy of repetition. All equipment is built into the furniture, the absolute symmetry of the interior is emphasized by rows of lamps in a suspended single-level ceiling.
  1. Dimensions of large rooms allow you to enjoy the luxurious design of black furniture. Even in matt finish, furniture does not look gloomy.

Symmetry and contrast


Black on white: only 2 colors can make the room incredibly stylish

  1. Design with a layout in the form of a letter P is an excellent way for kitchens with non-standard geometry. Furniture is made only to order, and the complex form of the room turns into a design chip.

Non-standard geometry: kitchen design

  1. For those who are not afraid of experiments, designers recommend painting a boring interior. For example, order a set in a bright neon color. Such furniture looks great with white lighting and natural wood on the floor.
bright kitchen

Cheerful bright kitchen

Island or a large dining table: what is best for a kitchen of 18 square meters. m

Fashion island is the most desired designer guest in the kitchen. But the optimal area for its installation in a full-fledged format is considered to be a room of 20 squares. Around the island structure should be enough space to move comfortably, to open the doors of cabinets.


Island in the big kitchen

In the premises of 17 – 19 square meters. you can set a compromise option – a table-island with built-in boxes, an island with a stove and a storage area. When installing the slab in the island surface, you need to buy a special hood with a fixation in the ceiling.


The island in combination with a linear layout

The main thing is not to turn a spacious kitchen into a pantry. Too much furniture is a problem.


Without an island, this kitchen would look chic

In square rooms of the correct form, the island is appropriate, especially if it is installed in the center, combining space. Classical furniture, white walls and a functional island-buffet are an example of a successful solution.


Naturalness and harmony: good design

Kitchen in Japanese style – ideal for narrow spaces. Laconic design and shape, the asymmetrical arrangement of furniture along the walls and a comfortable island-table: so it looks like a harmonious kitchen interior.


Laconic furniture, stylish ethno-decor: “Japanese” kitchen

Puzzle: how to make a harmonious interior of an open kitchen-living room

In the design of kitchen-studio for 18 square meters. m it is necessary to take into account all the features of the room in which the cooking area, the dining room, and, possibly, the bedroom should adjoin. Open planning requires a professional approach.


Design of the united space design

Kitchen area in the open space: the main tasks and problems

The first problem is the flavors of the kitchen, freely penetrating into all corners of the room, and the smell that eats into the textiles: curtains, upholstery of furniture, carpets. The source of aromas is not only a stove, but also a microwave oven where food is warmed up, and plates on the dining table. Therefore, to think over the design of the kitchen-living room with a dining area of ​​18 square meters. better so that technically it was possible to remove odors from the room quickly.


Clean air: in the open room – task number 1

The solution is a powerful cooker hood in the kitchen, placing the microwave oven in close proximity to the hood. It is also important to ensure good ventilation and air conditioning in the living area.

The main task is to think over and divide the open area into functional areas:

  • Working – with a set and equipment.
  • Dining.
  • Living room.

The basic techniques used in the design of the combined rooms for zoning:

  1. Arch or partial partition: visually separates the worker from the dining area.

Arch for zoning

  1. Light zoning. A number of ceiling hangings on the border of the zone where the kitchen furniture is installed, over the bar counter, visually separates the living room. In the living room there is own lighting in a traditional format for living rooms.
division of space

Division of space with the help of light

  1. The use of characteristic for individual rooms floor coverings with a clear separation. In the cooking area – ceramics, in the living room – laminate or parquet board.

Combination of floor coverings

  1. Partial partition. Instead of laying brick, you can make an air translucent wall, install an openwork or sliding partition. This solution will help to hide part of the work area.

Partial partition with stained glass

Often, experts use several stylistic techniques to zonate the room. The choice depends on the geometry, illumination and technical features of the room. Prior to planning, be sure to clearly identify what part of the room should be allocated to the work area. Most of the room is desirable to equip as a living room.

kitchen living room

Ceiling construction and openwork grille: kitchen living room at 18 meters

Peninsula or bar on 18 squares: photos of original solutions

The bar counter is an excellent choice for partitioning the open space, especially if the room is irregularly shaped, and the working area is located in a niche, or there is a partial partition.


Kitchen with a G-shaped layout and a bar counter

For a small family, the installation of the rack – the opportunity to leave more room for the recreation area. The bar counter can be used as a dining table.


Construction at the border of the working and living area

Combine bright colors. To make the space harmonious, use fabrics or furniture pieces in one shade: the bar counter limits the territory of the kitchen, and the living room area is clearly marked with soft furniture.


Design of living room with kitchen in 18 squares

Non-standard approach: corner set with a line separating the room. In the back of the lower tier there is a table top and bar stools.

design studio

Modern design studio: corner layout of the kitchen area

More space in the rooms, where in the role of the working surface – the peninsula. In the photo – functional semicircular kitchen-peninsula in the studio for 18 squares.


Peninsular layout

Kitchen-studio: photo of comfortable interiors

5 ideas that will help plan the interior of the kitchen-living room. To create a comfortable space with a unique design, you do not need to do a major overhaul. All projects are practical, applicable in standard apartments and houses:

  1. Classics for a private house. Dining group is an island. In the living room there is a fully sized dining table and a soft group in the recreation area.

Idea for a country house: kitchen with living room

  1. White suite in the niche, bar counter with shelves for decor and beige sofa: the idea for a city apartment.
  1. Bright solution for the youth studio: furniture from contrasting materials. Continuation of the countertop in the form of a bar and a partition – a highlight of the interior.

Functionality and comfort


U-shaped layout

  1. Dark furniture in the working area, a bar counter as a desk and contrasting white upholstered furniture in the living room.

Laconic kit and light zoning

  1. Those who do not spend most of the day in the kitchen will like the original solution. The working area is a compact corner set, most of the room is a living area.

Stylish solution for 18 meters

Having decided to combine the kitchen with the living room, be sure to make a layout, or consult a professional. If possible, build a partition – an isolated kitchen is much more practical. Remember that maintaining cleanliness in a co-ordinated space is much more difficult, and working surfaces and washing in an open kitchen should always be in perfect order. When choosing furniture, give preference to non-branded materials without glossy gloss.


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