10 interesting ideas for the kitchen and successful photo examples of their implementation

10 interesting ideas for the kitchen and successful photo examples of their implementation

Looking for how to make your kitchen more interesting and make all the friends jealous of you? We offer you 10 interesting and unusual ideas that will help you to make an unusual design of the main room in the house.

Working surface without protruding corners

Usually the table top slightly hangs over the facade of the headset and acts at right angles from different sides. This adds to the kitchen of conservatism and makes you cling to all these numerous corners. Try playing around with corners: get rid of them, round them, make them unusual.


Open shelves

Imagine your kitchen set without doors. Believe me, this can be very interesting and tidy. It is better to hide the dishwasher with utensils, and a collection of spices and an interesting service can be shown.


Showcase Modules

You can go further and turn some lockers into showcases on which to lay out beautiful cups, small plants in pots and cool decor for culinary topics.

Disguised hood

Hide the hood from other people’s eyes. Disguise it under a chandelier, a lamp or one more locker, for example, with wine. In the hood itself little romance, but your imagination will make it a decoration of the kitchen.


Working area inside the island

If you have an island in the kitchen, we offer one more cool idea. Make it in the form of the letter “C” and on the inner edge arrange the working surface. You will be like a chef, who serves his masterpieces.


Apron with realistic print

Place on the apron a large, beautiful and realistic print. Especially cool will look print on the culinary theme. A small still life or a large-format photograph of fresh fruit will fit into the interior.


Decor in the upper part of the walls

Usually the top part of the walls in the kitchen is empty. There you can put interesting vinyl stickers. Against the background of blue wallpaper, it will be cool to look like a cloud or a whale, against a white background – black tick-birds.

Facade gloss

The glossy facade with a 3D gloss is one of the most spectacular trends that can not be found in every second instagram account. Do you want to make everyone sigh with envy? Choose an acrylic set with a glossy facade.

Focus on luminaires

Highlight the lamps. Fwe them, hang them with stickers, color them. Make them visible, interesting, screaming and unusual. And look at how cool they will put emphasis in the interior.

The light is exactly above the table

So you put the emphasis in the room on the most important piece of furniture. A few point lights, which snatch the table top in the shadows, look very cool.

These 10 tips will help you make an interior dream kitchen. Do not be afraid to contribute your ideas, experiment and enjoy the result. Make your kitchen the most original and cozy place on Earth!


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